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There have been many casualties in the 2006 Lebanon War, leading to condemnation of both sides, however the exact distribution of casualties has been disputed. The Lebanese Higher Relief Council (HRC),[1] UNICEF,[1] and various press agencies and news organizations have stated that most of those killed were Lebanese civilians,[2][3][4][5][6] however the Lebanese government does not differentiate between civilians and combatants in death toll figures. The Israeli government identified 43 Israeli civilians killed by Hezbollah rocket attacks, including four who died of heart attacks during rocket attacks. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) death toll ranges from 118 to 121, depending on the source and whether or not casualties that occurred after the ceasefire are included. The figures for the Hezbollah fighters killed are the most varying, with Hezbollah claiming 250 of its fighters killed, while Israel claimed to have identified 532 dead Hezbollah fighters. The IDF estimates 600-700 dead Hizballah fighters. Sources can be conflicting.


Casualties of involved partiesEdit

Entity Civilian Military
Flag of the Amal Movement Amal Movement 17 dead[7]
Hezbollah Deaths: ~64 reported by Hezbollah,[8] ≤500 estimated by Lebanese government officials,[9] ~500 estimated by United Nations[10] ~600 estimated by IDF,[11] 440 bodies identified by Israel and up to 700 estimated by Amidror[12] More than 700 claimed by Lebanese sources[13]
Flag of Israel.svg Israel 43 dead[14][15]
33 seriously wounded[16]
68 moderately wounded[16]
1,388 lightly wounded[16]
2,773 treated for shock and anxiety[16][17]
A total of 121 IDF soldiers were killed in the war, including the two soldiers whose bodies were seized in the Zar'it-Shtula incident that started the war, whose fates weren't confirmed until their bodies were exchanged for Lebanese prisoners in 2008.[16][18]
Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon Not known for certain. 1,191 Lebanese dead in total (including combatants and foreign civilians in Lebanon)[19][20]
4,409 injured[19][20]
It was widely reported that most of those killed were civilians,[1][21][22] but the Lebanese government does not differentiate between civilians and combatants in death toll figures.[11]
46 dead
~100 wounded
Flag of the Lebanese Communist Party LCP 12 dead[23]
PFLP-GC 2 dead[24]
Flag of the United Nations.svg United Nations 1 dead 4 dead
12 wounded. See main article
Total 1,233+ dead
5,089+ wounded
438-888+ dead
512+ wounded

Foreign civilian casualties in IsraelEdit

  • Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina – 1 dead[25]
  • Flag of the United States.svg United States – 1 dead[26]
  • Total: 2 dead

Foreign civilian casualties in LebanonEdit

  • Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil – 6 dead[27][28]
  • Flag of Canada.svg Canada – 8 dead; 6 wounded[29]
  • Flag of Germany.png Germany – 4 dead[30][31]
  • Flag of India.svg India – 1 dead[32]
  • Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia – 1 dead[33]
  • Flag of Iraq (2004–2008).svg Iraq – 1 dead[34]
  • Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan – 1 dead[34]
  • Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait – 2 dead[35]
  • Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria – 1 dead[36]
  • Flag of Palestine.svg Palestinian territories – 3 dead; 13 wounded[37][38]
  • Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines – 2 dead; 6 wounded[39]
  • Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka – 1 dead[34]
  • Flag of Syria.svg Syria – 17 dead[40]
  • Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine – 1 dead[41]
  • Total: 51 dead; 25 wounded


  • According to various media, between 1,000 and 1,200 people are reported dead. Additionally, there were between 480 and 1100 people wounded, and over 1,000,000 were temporarily made refugees, with an unknown number of missing civilians in the south.[42][43][44][45][46]
  • On 28 July Lebanese Health Minister Mohammad Khalifeh announced that hospitals in Lebanon had received 401 dead Lebanese people since 12 July. He also reportedly said: "On top of those victims, there are 150 to 200 bodies still under the rubble. We have not been able to pull them out because the areas they died in are still under fire".[47]
  • Hezbollah acknowledges 49 killed.[48][49] IDF Chief of Staff Lt. General Dan Halutz has claimed that close to 100 Hezbollah fighters have been killed at 22 July, in land fighting in South Lebanon.[50] IDF claimed the killing of more than 300 Hezbollah fighters (which Hezbollah denied) as of August 1.[51]
  • The Kuwait Times reported that Hezbollah has buried over 700 fighters with more to follow, August 30.[13]
  • The Australian reports that Israel has the names of over 430 Hezbollah fighters it killed and estimates total Hezbollah dead at over 800, August 29.(Abraham Rabinovich recently reported in the Washington Times on Sept. 27 that Israel now had 532 names.)[52]

A report[53] on August 4, documenting Iran's financial help to the families of Hezbollah fighters, claimed Hezbollah has already lost 500 men, plus 1500 wounded. The report said, that the wounded are being treated in Syria to make the wounded harder to count.

  • As of 8/5, The American University of Beirut Medical Center, the largest and most important hospital in Lebanon, has only enough power to continue operations for a week. A shipment of fuel from the oil tanker Aphrodite is awaiting in the Mediterranean but does not have written assurance of safe passage.[2]
  • According to the Lebanese government's "Council for Development and Reconstruction" the Lebanese damage incurred amounted to US $3.5 billion: US $2 billion for buildings and US $1.5 billion for infrastructure.[54]


  • According to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 43[14][15] civilians have been killed, out of which 18 were Israeli Arabs,[55][56] while another 418 civilians were treated in hospitals, 19 of whom were seriously injured, and another 875 treated for shock.[57] Many civilians have left their homes in northern Israel and went south.[citation needed]
  • $1.6 billion cost to the Israeli economy
  • The war cost Israel $5.3 billion
  • Northern Israeli businesses lost $1.4 billion
  • Estimated compensation to be given to the population of northern Israel is $335.4 million
  • Israel plans to given $460 million to local governments and emergency services in northern Israel
  • 630 factories in Israel were closed
  • Israel lost 1.5 percent in GDP
  • 300,000 Israelis were displaced
  • Over 1 million Israelis lived in bomb shelters
  • 6,000 homes were hit by rockets
  • Israel's forests are expected to recover in 50–60 years
  • 6,178 of grazing land in Israel was burned
  • 618 acres (2.50 km2) of natural or planted forests were burned
Israeli military and civilian Casualties in the 2006 Lebanese war[58]
Soldiers Civilians Rockets fired
KilledWoundedCapturedKilledWoundedon Israel
12 July842222
13 July2267125
14 July42219103
15 July416100
16 July1787747
17 July2892
18 July1121136
19 July215218116
20 July581634
21 July135297
22 July735129
23 July24594
24 July42717111
25 July10260101
26 July831132169
27 July638109
28 July1019111
29 July71086
30 July881156
31 July12256
1 August3124
2 August141188230
3 August422876213
4 August325397194
5 August270459170
6 August12354150189
7 August33512185
8 August67410136
9 August1518636166
10 August2123221155
11 August17626123
12 August241312464
13 August92031105217
14 August372
15 August2

United NationsEdit

UN personnel were subjected to dozens of attacks and near misses from both sides during the present conflict, most prominently the 25 July Israeli bombing of a UNTSO position,[59] which killed four UNTSO unarmed observers (Austrian, Canadian, Chinese and Finnish).[60] Diplomats familiar with the probe say that the strike was carried out with a precision-guided missile.[59]

Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a statement from Rome that he was " ... shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Defence Forces."[61] On 26 July 2006, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert phoned Kofi Annan and expressed his deep regret over the death of the four UN observers. He promised that Israel would thoroughly investigate the incident and would share the findings with Annan, but says he was taken aback by secretary general’s statement saying that the Israeli attack on the UN post was "apparently deliberate".[62]

After the attack, Dan Gillerman, Israel's UN representative, said Israel would not allow the UN itself to participate in an investigation of the airstrike that killed the four UN observers.[63]

Just before the end of bombing, on 14 August, the IDF targeted what it said was a Palestinian faction in the Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp in Saida. Two missiles were fired into a civilian residential area and killed UNRWA/UN staff member Abdel Saghir[3]. Few days before two civilians were killed.

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