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Çetin Doğan (born 15 May 1940, Maçka[1]) is a retired Turkish general. He was Commander of the First Army of Turkey (17 August 2001 - 20 August 2003). In 2012 he was sentenced to twenty years in prison for his alleged involvement in the 2003 "Sledgehammer" coup plan;[2] Doğan is said to have been the leader of the group that planned the coup.[3][4] He is also charged in the case of the 1997 military memorandum.[5]

Professor Dani Rodrik (Doğan's son-in-law) has written that the Sledgehammer evidence against Doğan was fabricated, citing various anachronisms and errors in the key coup plan document.[6][7]

In 2007 Doğan was appointed head of the Board of Trustees of Ahmet Yesevi University by President Ahmet Necdet Sezer. He was replaced in March 2008 by new President Abdullah Gül.[8]

Doğan has written columns for the Aydınlık newspaper since May 2011,[9][10] and published two books.[11]

Doğan graduated from the Turkish Military Academy in 1960.[12]

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