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Ōuchi-shi Yakata
Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
West gate of Ouchi's mansion.jpg
Reconstructed west gate
Type Flatstyle castle
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 14C
Built by Ōuchi Hiroyo or Ōuchi Norihiro
Demolished 1557
Ōuchi clan

Ōuchi-shi Yakata (大内氏館 Ōuchi-shi Yakata?) was the fortified residence of the Ōuchi clan in Yamaguchi, Japan. Ōuchi-shi Yakata has been designated as being of national significance.[1][2] It was a base of the Ōuchi clan who were feudal lords and thrived during the Muromachi period to Sengoku period.[1]

In 1556, Ōuchi Yoshinaga built Kōnomine Castle as a supporting castle of Ōuchi-shi Yakata because Ōuchi-shi Yakata was considered unsuitable for withstanding a siege.[3][4] but Mōri Motonari`s army advanced to Suō Province, Ōuchi Yoshinaga left Ōuchi-shi Yakata and Kōnomine Castle without resistance.[5]

The castle was listed as one of the Continued Top 100 Japanese Castles in 2017.[6][7]



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