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The Żbik Group (Polish: Zgrupowanie Żbik) (Wildcat Group) - a group of conspiracy military units of Armia Krajowa in the Sub-district II of Żoliborz (of Armia Krajowa) in Żoliborz of Warsaw, which took part in fights of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

Organisation[edit | edit source]

Course of combat in the Warsaw Uprising 1944[edit | edit source]

The units waged fights in the defence of Powązki, the Zmartwychwstanki Fortress (in the Zmartwychwstanki Monastery), as well as Lower Żoliborz. Especially heavy fights were waged in the last days of the uprising in the area of the "Glass House" (Polish: Szklany Dom) and Bohomolca street.

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