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.400/350 Nitro Express
Type Rifle
Place of origin Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Production history
Designer John Rigby & Company
Designed 1899
Produced 1899
Case type Rimmed, bottleneck
Bullet diameter .358 in (9.1 mm)
Neck diameter .379 in (9.6 mm)
Shoulder diameter .419 in (10.6 mm)
Base diameter .468 in (11.9 mm)
Rim diameter .518 in (13.2 mm)
Rim thickness .050 in (1.3 mm)
Case length 2.749 in (69.8 mm)
Overall length 3.685 in (93.6 mm)
Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/type Velocity Energy
310 gr (20 g) 2,000 ft/s (610 m/s) 2,752 ft·lbf (3,731 J)
Test barrel length: 28 in
Source(s): [1] & [2]

The .400/350 Nitro Express is a centerfire, rifle cartridge developed by John Rigby & Company.


Introduced in 1899, the .400/350 Nitro Express is a rimmed cartridge originally designed for use in single-shot and double rifles. In 1899 Rigby approached the engineers at Mauser to make a special Gewehr 98 bolt action to handle this cartridge, its introduction in 1900 was the birth of the magnum length bolt action, paving the way for such cartridges as the .375 H&H and .416 Rigby.[3]

The .400/350 Nitro Express fires a .358" diameter 310 grain projectile at either 2000 fps or 2150 fps,[2] depending on the source. The later .350 Rigby No 2 uses the same cartridge case but fires a lighter projectile at higher velocities.

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