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102nd Field Artillery Regiment
Coat of arms
Country Flag of the United States.svg United States
Branch Massachusetts Army National Guard
Service history
Active July 1786 – July 15, 2006
Battles World War I

World War II

Operation Iraqi Freedom III

Commanders Ernest R. Redmond
Insignia 102FARegtDUI

The 102nd Field Artillery Regiment was organized in July 1786 in the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia at Salem, Massachusetts as the Cadet Company and re-designated as the Second Corps of Cadets. In 1972 they became the 102nd Field Artillery and in 1996 the 102nd was reorganized as a regiment to consist of the 1st Battalion. The regiment's battalions were associated with the 26th Infantry Division for a long period and later was assigned to the 113th Field Artillery Brigade.[1] On July 15, 2006, the 102d cased their colors in Fort Independence at Castle Island in South Boston, Massachusetts. The lineage of the 102d Field Artillery and the Second Corps of Cadets was transferred to Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion 101st Field Artillery in Danvers, Massachusetts.

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