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10th Engineer Regiment
10° Reggimento Genio Guastatori
CoA mil ITA rgt genio 10.png
Regimental coat of arms
Active 5 November 1926 - 8 September 1943
16 August 1993 - today[1]
Country  Italy
Branch Italian Army
Role Combat engineers
Part of 132nd Armored Brigade "Ariete"
Garrison/HQ Cremona
Motto(s) "Al mio valor l'aspro cimento è sprone"
Anniversaries 24 June 1918 - Second Battle of the Piave River
Decorations Croce di guerra al valor militare BAR.svg Croce al merito dell'esercito silver medal BAR.svg Croce al merito dell'esercito bronze medal BAR.svg Medaglia di bronzo al merito CRI BAR.svg
1x War Cross of Military Valour
1x Silver Cross of Army Merit
1x Bronze Cross of Army Merit
1x Bronze Medal of Red Cross Merit[2]

The 10th Engineer Regiment (Italian language: 10° Reggimento Genio Guastatori ) is a military engineer regiment of the Italian Army based in Cremona in Lombardy. Today the regiment is the engineer unit of the 132nd Armored Brigade "Ariete".[3]

Current structure[edit | edit source]

A VTMM "Orso" Route Clearing vehicle of the Italian engineer corps

As of 2019 the 10th Engineer Regiment consists of:[4]

  • CoA mil ITA rgt genio 10.png Regimental Command, in Cremona
    • Command and Logistic Support Company
    • Sappers Battalion "Ticino"
      • 1st Sappers Company
      • 4th Sappers Company
      • 5th Mobility Support Company
      • 6th Deployment Support Company

The Command and Logistic Support Company fields the following platoons: C3 Platoon, Transport and Materiel Platoon, Medical Platoon, Commissariat Platoon, and EOD Platoon. Each of the two sapper companies fields a Command Platoon, an Advanced Combat Reconnaissance Teams Platoon, and two sapper platoons. The Deployment Support Company and Mobility Support Company field the battalion's heavy military engineering vehicles: Biber bridgelayers, Dachs armored engineer vehicles, cranes, excavators, Medium Girder Bridges etc. The sapper companies and Command and Logistic Support Company are equipped with VTLM "Lince" and VTMM "Orso" vehicles.

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