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111 Brigade
Active 1972 – present
Country Sri Lanka
Branch Sri Lanka Army
Role Air assault
Garrison/HQ Kandy
Engagements Sri Lankan Civil War,
Insurrection 1987-89
Brigadier W.G.H.A.S Bandara

The 111 Brigade is a formation of the Sri Lanka Army. The Brigade is responsible for the defense of the City of Kandy and the central province at large. It was formally known as the Area Headquarters Kandy and was renamed in 2011 coming under the 11th Division.

It traces its roots to the Central Commander's Headquarters which was established in 1972 following the 1971 Insurrection under the command of Colonel E.J Divitotawela. In 1988, it was renamed as the 12 Division followed with another redesignation in 32 Division until it became to be known as the Area Headquarters on 23 October 1996.

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