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111th Field Artillery Regiment
Coat of arms
Active 1809–
Country United States United States of America
Branch Virginia Army National Guard
Nickname(s) First Virginia Artillery (special designation)[1]
Motto(s) NUNQUAM NON PARATUS (Never Unprepared)
Engagements American Civil War
Mexican Expedition{1916}
Iraq Campaign
Distinctive unit insignia 111FARegtDUI

111th Field Artillery ("First Virginia Artillery"[1]) is a 155MM towed artillery unit with a general support/reinforcing mission. It is a unit within the Virginia Army National Guard based in Farmville, Virginia.

Iraq War OperationsEdit

Bravo Battery was mobilized on 11 October 2004 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with MAJ Walter N. Patrick as the battery commander and First Sergeant Martin Steiner as the unit's first sergeant. The unit was reconfigured as a 182-man military police company, received other members of the 2d Battalion, 111th Field Artillery, and moved to Fort Dix for post mobilization training on 14 October 2004.

Bravo Battery completed training 30 days ahead of schedule and arrived in Kuwait at Camp Virginia on 30 December 2004 and moved on to Camp Bucca in Iraq on 7 January 2005. Bravo sent two platoons, led by 1LT Michael Belforti, to Abu Ghraib. Two platoons and the battery headquarters remained at Camp Bucca. While at Camp Bucca, Bravo Battery operated Compounds 1, 2, 3, and 4. The unit was also tasked with detainee transfers between Camp Bucca and northern bases. The platoons at Abu Ghraib also performed detainee operations and participated in the Battle of Abu Ghraib.

Bravo Battery was relieved in place and a battle hand off was completed on 1 December 2005 with the 116th FA, Florida National Guard, and the unit and its men redeployed to Camp Victory South in Kuwait.

While in Iraq, Bravo Battery completed all detainee transfers without loss of life to any detainee or coalition forces. The unit was awarded the Air Force Meritorious Unit Award and has been recommended for the Army's Meritorious Unit Award. Fourteen members of Bravo Battery received the Bronze Star in Iraq and the unit completed over 80 theater wide detainee movements without incident.

While in Iraq, the unit initially reported to LTC Tim Houser of the 105th MP Battalion and COL James Brown of the 18th Military Police Brigade. Later they reported to the 785th MP Battalion and the 43d Military Police Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Kevin R. McBride.

The unit was reflagged as an infantry unit upon coming home from Iraq. In April 2009 the regiment's 1st Battalion received 16 new M119 howitzers.[2]


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