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11 Manoevre Brigade (The Netherlands)
Country Netherlands
Branch Army
Service history
Active 1992 - Present (combination of)
11 Infantry Battallion
Regiment Grenadiers en Jagers (1995 - present)
(combined regiments Grenadiers and Jagers formed on 7 July 1829)
12 Infantry Battallion
Regiment Van Heutz (1 July 1950 - present)
13 Infantry Battallion
Regiment Stoottroepen Z.K.H. Prins Bernhard (21 September 1944 - present)
Role Versatile Rapid Reaction Force
Size 5 battallions (3 infantry/1 combat support/1 logistic) + 1 staff company
Motto Elke Man, Elk Moment (Every Man, Any Moment) / Nec temere, nec timide (Nor reckless, nor fearful)

The 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade (Air Assault) '7 December' (11 Luchtmobiele Brigade, or 11 LMB) is the rapid-reaction air assault unit of the Royal Netherlands Army. Its operators are trained to be deployed via helicopters (using fast-rope and rappelling) and fixed wing aircraft (parachute), and can be deployed anywhere in the world within 7 to maximally 20 days. Combined with the helicopters of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, they form the 11 Air Manoeuvre Brigade (11 AMB).


The 11 LMB is a highly disciplined, light infantry, rapid reaction force. It is trained to operate in any climatological and geological conditions. The unit can be deployed within 7 days to 20 days (depending on deployment size), anywhere in the world.

Regarding the capabilities of the operators, the brigade is airborne qualified, thus 11 LMB operators wear the maroon beret. The 11 LMB operators can be deployed via helicopter (fast-rope and rappelling) and fixed-wing aircraft (parachute). Initially being an air assault brigade (via helicopters), a significant number of operators are additionally trained as paratrooper (fixed-wing).

The primary task of 11 LMB is to ensure the defence of the Netherlands. Its second primary task is to be deployed worldwide as an expeditionary peacekeeping and peace-enforcing force. It has seen action in Bosnia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Iraq and is now deployed in Afghanistan.

Other than peace(-keeping) missions, the 11 LMB can also be deployed for humanitarian aid missions, evacuation, disaster relief and (combat) search and rescue.

Air Manoeuvre BrigadeEdit

A very unique aspect in air assault infantry is the concept of an Air Manoeuvre Brigade, in which the roles of air assault troops and helicopters are interwoven. CH-47D Chinook and Eurocopter Cougar MK2 transport helicopters of the Royal Netherlands Air Force provide strategic airlift for the 11 LMB operators, while forward reconnaissance is conducted by RNLAF AH-64D Apache helicopters. They are the eyes in the sky for the air assault troops on the ground, and can engage as part of direct close air support.

This unique combination is unseen in the rest of the world. The combined unit goes by the name of 11 Air Manoeuvre Brigade.





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