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11th (North Auckland) Mounted Rifles
Country New Zealand
Branch New Zealand Army
Allegiance New Zealand Crown
Service history
Active 1911 - 1921
Role Mounted
Size Regiment
Part of New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade
Battles World War I
Middle Eastern data form middle eastern studies web

Middle Eastern Theatre during the Great War

The 11th (North Auckland) Mounted Rifles was formed on 17 March 1911. They were mobilised during World War I as a squadron of the Auckland Mounted Rifle Regiment. They served in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I and first saw action during the Battle of Gallipoli. As a part of the larger New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade (of the ANZAC Mounted Division) they went on to serve in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign.[1][2]

Great War BattlesEdit

Between the warsEdit

They became the 9th New Zealand Mounted Rifles (North Auckland) in 1921 and later was renamed the North Auckland Mounted Rifles, which was absorbed into the 1st Armoured Regiment, on 29 March 1944.[1]


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