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11th Aircraft Carrier Squadron
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Active 1 March–December 1945
Country United Kingdom
Allegiance British Empire
Branch Royal Navy
Rear-Admiral Cecil Harcourt

The British 11th Aircraft Carrier Squadron [1] also called Eleventh Aircraft Carrier Squadron was a military formation of Aircraft Carriers of the Royal Navy from 1 March 1945 to December 1945.


The 11th Aircraft Carrier Squadron was established 1 March 1945 and assigned to the British Pacific Fleet until December 1945 when it was disbanded.[2]


Rear-Admiral, Commanding 11th Aircraft Carrier SquadronEdit


Rank Flag Name Term Notes
Rear-Admiral, Commanding 11th Aircraft Carrier Squadron
1 Rear-Admiral Flag of Rear-Admiral - Royal Navy Cecil Harcourt 1 March 1945 to December 1945 [2]

Composition 11th Aircraft Carrier SquadronEdit


United Kingdom: 11th Aircraft Carrier Squadron; British Pacific Fleet March to December 1945

Ship Dates Notes/Ref
HMS Indomitable March to December 1945(Flagship till August 1945) [1]
HMS Colossus March to December 1945(Flagship from August–December 1945) [1]
HMS Glory March to December 1945 [1]
HMS VenerableMarch to December 1945 [1]
HMS Vengeance March to December 1945 [1]



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