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11th Army Corps (Russian Empire)
Country Flag of Russia.svg Russian Empire
Allegiance Imperial Russian Army
Service history
Active 1899-1901
Battles World War I

The 11th Army Corps was an Army corps in the Imperial Russian Army

Before the war the unit was stationed with the Kiev Military District.


  • 11th Infantry Division (Lutsk)
1st Brigade (Kremenets)
41st Infantry Regiment Selenginsk
42nd Infantry Regiment Yakut
2nd Brigade
43rd Infantry Regiment Okhotsk
44th Infantry Regiment Kamchatskii
11th Artillery Brigade
  • 32nd Infantry Division
1 Brigade
125th Infantry Regiment Kursky
126th Infantry Regiment Rylsky
2nd Brigade
127th Infantry Regiment Putivlsky
128th Infantry Regiment Starooskolsky
32nd Artillery Brigade
  • 11-I Cavalry division
1 Brigade
11th Regiment Dragunsky Riga
11th Regiment Ulansky Chuguevskiy
2nd Brigade
11th Izjumsky Hussar regiment
12th Don Cossack Regiment
11th Horse Artillery Battalion
11th mortirno-battalion
  • 21st engineering battalion


  • Lieutenant-General Prince Ivan Shakhovskaya, (1892)
  • Lieutenant General Vladimir Nikolayevich Philip, (3.03.1900-12.5.1903)
  • Lieutenant General Tal (1.07.1903)
  • Lieutenant General Mikhail Fedorovich Oreus, (13.01.1903-19.06.1904)
  • Lieutenant-General (from 6.12.1907 city - General of Infantry) Ivan Aleksandrovich Fullon, (1.06.1905-7.08.1911)
  • Lieutenant-General (from 6.12.1912 city - General of Infantry) Nikolai Ivanovich Podvalnyuk, (7.08.1911-13.12.1912)
  • General of the cavalry Vladimir Sakharov, (13.12.1913-22.08.1914, 04.09.1915-25.10.1915)
  • Lieutenant-General (from 10.04.1916, General of Artillery) Michael A. Barantsev, (03.11.1915-06.04.1917)
  • Lieutenant General Konstantin Lukić Gilchevsky, (06.04.1917 -?)

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