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11th Division
11th Philippine Division Emblem 1941-42.jpg
11th Philippine Division Emblem 1941-42
Active 1941 - 9 April 1942
Country  Commonwealth of the Philippines
Branch Philippine Army
Type Infantry Division
Size Division
Part of North Luzon Force (I Philippine Corps)

World War II

BGen William E. Brougher
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The 11th Infantry Division was a division of the Philippine Army under the United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE).



It was active from 1941 to April 9, 1942, whereupon it surrendered when Bataan fell. It was organized and trained in Zambales Province of Northern Luzon. Col. (later BGen.) William E. Brougher (USA) was the division's commander.

Combat Narrative[]

At the opening of hostilities, 8 December 1941, the 11th Division formed a part of BGen. (later LGen.) Jonathan M. Wainwright's North Luzon Force of the Philippine Army (later renamed I Philippine Corps), alongside the 21st and 31st Divisions, and the 26th Cavalry Regiment.

Order of Battle[1][]


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