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11th Engineers
8th Engineers Badge

Badge of the 8th Engineers
Country United States
Branch Flag of the United States Army (1775).gif United States Army
Service history
Active 1917—1919
Role Support Engineers
Size One battalion
Part of 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade
Battles World War I

World War II

Gulf War

  • Cease-Fire

War on Terrorism

  • (to be determined)
Decorations Decorations have included:
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The 11th Engineer Battalion is an engineer battalion of the US Army. Today the battalion is part of the Eighth Army and stationed in South Korea. The battalion under the direct command of the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division.


The 11th Engineer Battalion was first formed on 19 March 1917 as part of the Enlisted Reserve Corps being organised as the 1st Reserve Engineers. The regiment was officially organised from April - May of that year in New York City. From 22 May - 2 June the battalion was ordered into active military service at Fort Totten. On 9 June the battalion was removed from the reserve corps and allotted to the National Army and re-designated as the 1st Engineers. The battalion later served overseas in Europe during World War I.[1]

On 13 July 1917 the regiment was re-designated as the 11th Engineers. Finally on 6 May 1919 the regiment was demobilised at Camp Upton.[1][2]

On 4 November 1920 the reserves were reformed as the 363rd Engineers were expanded to form the 11th Engineers in the Regular Army. The regiment was activated on 20 November 1920 and was put under control of the Panama Canal Zone Force. On 2 June 1921 it was assigned to the new formed Panama Canal Division. On 15 April 1932 it was relieved.[1][2]

On 1 April 1943 the regiment was re-organised and re-designated as the 11th Engineer Battalion and renamed as the 11th Engineer Combat Battalion. Following service in Europe during the war the battalion was inactivated in Linz, Austria.[1][2]

Just before the start of the Korean War the battalion was activated at Kyoto and resdesignated as the 11th Engineer Battalion where it was later inactivated at Fort Belvoir in 1989. While serving in Korea, the battalion served in many offensives and battles for which they were promostually awarded for. In 1992 the battalion was again reformed and assigned to the 24th Infantry Division being activated at Fort Stewart. Just after the activation the battalion was sent to Kuwait where it participated in the occupation of Kuwait. The battalion was relieved in 1996 and assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division. In March 2004 the battalion was again inactivated. In 2007 the battalion was activated at Fort Benning where it remained until being inactivated again in 2016. Following the recent increase of military spending the battalion was reformed at Camp Humphreys where it remains to this day.[1][2]

Today the battalion is assigned to the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade.[3] The battalions role is:[2]

"Our mission is to provide Mobility, Counter-Mobility, Survivability, and General Engineer Support to the 2nd Infantry Division, 8th Army, and the ROK Army allowing Freedom of Maneuver and a position of advantage over the enemy.".[2]


Campaigns the battalion has credit for include:[1]


Decoration on the regimental colours include:[1]



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