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11th Engineer Brigade
11th Engineer Group
I Corps.svg
Active 1951—1969
Country  United Kingdom

 British Army

  • Corps of Royal Engineers
Type Military Engineering Command
Role Providing BAOR and I (BR) Corps engineering support
Size Brigade
Part of I (BR) Corps
Garrison/HQ Hameln

The 11th Engineer Brigade was a military engineering formation of the British Army controlling the corps support units of the Royal Engineers. The brigade was first formed a group, but later re-formed and re-designated as a brigade.

History[edit | edit source]

In April 1951 the 11th Engineer Group was formed in Osnabrück, West Germany as the main engineering headquarters within the British Army of the Rhine. Following their formation the group was assigned to Commander Royal Engineers, I (BR) Corps where it would remained until it's final disbandment in 1992. Following their formation, the group was organised as follows (in 1952);

In 1964 the group was renamed as the 11th Engineer Brigade and subsequently moved to Hameln. In 1966 the 1966 Defence White Paper was published and the group was notified they were to disband, which happened in April 1969. Following their disbandment, the 37th and 38th were relived and re-organised under Commander Royal Engineers, I (BR) Corps, and the 40th was moved under Chief Engineer, BAOR in 1957,

Following the 1975 Mason Review, the brigade was re-formed under the same name and role with the following organisation by 1983;

References[edit | edit source]

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