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The 11th Georgia Volunteers Infantry Regiment was raised in spring of 1861 and mustered into service in July 1861 having recruited from several counties including Fannin, Gilmer, Hall, Houston, Lee, Murray, Quitman and Walton counties. Having marched to Virginia the regiment became part of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Apart from a period when it was detached as part of Longstreet's forces in Georgia and Tennessee, the regiment remained with the Army of Northern Virginia taking part in several major battles including the Seven Days Battles, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor and the siege of Petersburg until it surrendered at Appomattox on 9 April 1865

Strength and casualtiesEdit

From an original mustered strength of 573, the regiment fielded 140 at Sharpsburg having lost a good number of men to illness during the winter of 1861–1862, 310 at Gettysburg, where it suffered 65% casualties, and suffered 110 casualties at Cold Harbor. At the time of surrender the strength of the regiment was 16 officers and 176 enlisted men.


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