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11th Guards Airborne Division
Country Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union
Branch Red Army
Service history
Active 1943-1944, 1948-1955
Size Division
Battles World War II
The 11th Guards Airborne Division was the name of two separate airborne divisions of the Soviet Airborne Troops.


First FormationEdit

The 11th Guards Airborne Division was formed on 23 December 1943 from three Guards Airborne Brigades in the Moscow Military District, part of the 38th Guards Airborne Corps. In January 1944, it became the 104th Guards Rifle Division of the 9th Guards Army.[1][2]

Second FormationEdit

The 347th Guards Air Landing Regiment had been converted from the 347th Guards Rifle Regiment in June 1946, and from 1946 to 1948 was based in Tula. It formed part of the 106th Guards Airborne Division.

On 10 January 1947, the division was reformed from the 347th Guards Airborne Regiment. The new division was based at Ryazan. It was part of the 38th Guards Airborne Corps. In 1948 the key divisional units included the 111th Guards Parachute Landing Regiment; the 137th Guards Air Landing Regiment;[3] the 1185th Guards Artillery Regiment (all at Ryazan, Moscow Oblast) and independent Self-Propelled Artillery, independent Guards Anti-Aircraft Artillery, independent Guards Anti-Tank Artillery; and independent Guards Engineering Battalions; and independent Guards Reconnaissance, independent Communications, and an independent Air-Landing Security Company. Combat service support units included an independent Supply Truck Battalion, and independent Medical & Sanitary Company.

The 137th Guards Air Landing Regiment was later converted to the 137th Guards Parachute Regiment (exact date unknown, possibly 4.55).

On 25 April 1955, the division was disbanded, with the 111th Guards Airborne Regiment transferred to the 105th Guards Vienna Airborne Division and the newly converted 137th Guards Parachute Landing Regiment transferred to the 106th Guards Airborne Division.[4]


In 1944, the division was composed of the following units.[5]

In 1948, the division was composed of the following units.[4]


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