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11e régiment de hussards (France)-drapeau

Flag of the regiment

The 11th Hussar Regiment was a hussar regiment in the French Army. It was raised on 28 July 1793 from personnel of the 24th Mounted Chasseurs Regiment. An early member of the regiment was Pierre David de Colbert-Chabanais. It was renamed the 29th Dragoon Regiment on 24 September 1803.

A new 11th Hussars was set up on 18 August 1810 by splitting off personnel from the Dutch Hussars Regiment (régiment des hussards hollandais) within the French Army. It was disbanded in 1814 upon the Bourbon Restoration.

Hussards cp1905

A 1905 postcard showing the unit

A third 11th Hussar Regiment was set up at Sidi Bel Abbès in 1873, formed of one squadron from the 1st Chasseurs and other squadrons from the 1st, 3rd and 8th Hussars - this regiment was disbanded in 1919.

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