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12"/35 caliber Mark 1 & 2 Naval Gun
US Navy Battleship USS Iowa BB-4 Crewmen Pose 1898
USS Iowa -- Crewmen pose by the ship's forward 12"/35 gun turret, 1898.
Type Naval gun
Place of origin Flag of the United States (1896–1908).svg United States
Service history
In service 1896
Used by United States Navy
Wars * Spanish–American War
Production history
Designer Bureau of Ordnance
Manufacturer U.S. Naval Gun Factory
Variants Mark 1 and Mark 2
Weight * 102,550 lb (46,520 kg) (with breech)
  • 100,800 lb (45,700 kg) (without breech)
Length 441 in (11.2 m)
Barrel length 425 in (10.8 m) bore (35 calibers)

Shell 870 lb (390 kg) armor-piercing
Caliber 12 inches (305 mm)
Elevation *Marks 1:-3° to +15°
  • Marks 2:−5° to +15°
  • Marks 3:−3° to +14°
Traverse −150° to +150°
Rate of fire 1 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 2,100 ft/s (640 m/s)
Effective range 12,000-yard (10,973 m) at 15° elevation (max elevation of turrets)
Maximum range 21,000-yard (19,202 m) at 30° elevation

The 12"/35 caliber gun (spoken "twelve-inch-thirty-five--caliber") were used for the primary batteries of the United States Navy's "New Navy" monitor Puritan, the monitor Monterey, and the battleships Texas and Iowa.[1]

Mark 1Edit

The Navy's Policy Board call for a variety of large caliber weapons in 1890, with ranges all the way up to 16 in (410 mm), led to the development of the 12-inch/35 caliber gun. The Mark 1 was constructed of gun steel, having a tube, jacket, ten hoops and a locking ring. The Mod 0, the original design, had the inner hoop starting 6 in (150 mm) from the breech and running out to the muzzle, with the Mod 1 being hooped from breech to muzzle.[1]

Mark 2Edit

The Mark 2 was of similiar construction to the Mark 1 but with seven hoops starting from the breech and running out to the muzzle. The Mark 2 Mod 1 and Mod 2 were also given a new nickel-steel liner.[1]

Naval ServiceEdit

Ship Gun Installed Gun Mount
USS Puritan (BM-1) Mark 1: 12"/35 caliber Mark 1: 2 × twin turrets
USS Monterey (BM-6) Mark 1: 12"/35 caliber Mark 1: 1 × twin turret
USS Texas (1892) Mark 1: 12"/35 caliber Mark 2: 2 × single turrets
USS Iowa (BB-4) Mark 2: 12"/35 caliber Mark 3: 2 × twin turrets


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