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12/13th Battalion of the Line
Country Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium
Branch Land Component
Service history
Active 1831–
Role Light infantry
Size 633 soldiers
Part of Medium Brigade
Motto À l'avant-garde
Colors Red and Yellow
Commanders Alphonse Jacques de Dixmude

The 12th of the Line (Prince Leopold) – 13th of the Line Battalion (French language:Bataillon 12e de Ligne Prince Léopold - 13e de Ligne, Dutch language:Bataljon 12 Linie Prins Léopold - 13 Linie ) is an infantry unit in the Land Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. It maintains the traditions of the 12th Regiment of the Line and 13th Regiment of the Line. From 2011 until 1st January 2017 the regiment was a part of the Light Brigade and on that date the regiment joined the Medium Brigade.[1]


12th Regiment of the LineEdit

The 12th Regiment of the Line is the oldest active Belgian infantry regiment.[1] It was created on March 31, 1831, and since 1984 has been authorised to bear the title "Prince Leopold" which was originally bestowed on it in 1915, during the First World War.

The badge of the 12th Regiment of the Line was based on the coat of arms of the city of Liège where the regiment had its barracks. It depicted the city's perron column.

13th Regiment of the LineEdit

The 13th of the Line was founded in 1874. It was disbanded in 1947, but in 1976 it reformed as an anti-tank regiment.


In 1993, the 12th of the Line and the 13th of the Line were merged to form the 12th Battalion of the Line "Prince Leopold" – 13th of the Line.



Coat of arms of Liège, on which the 12th Regiment of the Line's badge was based

The standards of the unit carry the following citations:
For the 12th Regiment of Line:

For the 13th Regiment of Line:

As well as a fourragère of the Order of Leopold.


12th Regiment of the Line "Prince Leopold" 12th-13th Battalion of the Line
13th Regiment of the Line



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