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120 Krh 92

The 120 KRH 92 (Finnish language:120 mm kranaatinheitin, malli 1992 ) is a 120 mm mortar manufactured in Finland.

Due to the high trajectory, high rate of fire, and their light weight, mortars are especially suited to terrain with natural cover, in built-up areas and in circumstances with great altitude differences.

Due to the major-general Vilho Nenonen's intitiative Finland has built mortars since the early 1930s, and although they haven't been exported, the designs have been used in many countries. The largest technological transfer of the Finnish mortar technology did take place in the 1950s, when the technology was transferred to Israel for Soltam.

The mortar is used to support battalions and companies in battle with indirect fire, to give support fire for infantry troops and coastal fortifications, and to apply smoke or illumination on the battlefield. It is usually transported by vehicle and the maximum towing speed is 80 km/h. The mortar is operated by a seven-man crew.


  • Caliber: 120 mm
  • Weight:
    • weight in operation 280 kg
    • weight in transport 500 kg
  • Rate of fire: 15 shots/min
  • Range: 7.3 km (maximum effective range)
  • Ammunition types: HE-fragmentation, smoke, illumination and practice rounds
    • weight of fragmentation grenade 12.8 kg
    • muzzle velocity of mortar, largest shell 362 m/s
  • Made in Finland

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