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120 Krh/40
An m/41D being used by the Lithuanian Army
Type Heavy mortar
Place of origin Finland
Service history
Used by Finnish Army
Swedish army
Lithuanian Army
Wars Continuation War
Production history
Designer Tampella
Manufacturer Tampella
Number built 596 by Tampella[1]
Weight 260 kilograms (570 lb)
Barrel length 189cm

Caliber 120 millimetres (12 cm)
Rate of fire up to 20 shots/minute[1]
Muzzle velocity 116-290 m/s[1]
Maximum range 5,300 metres (17,400 ft)

120 Krh/40 is a 120 mm mortar developed by Finnish Tampella (now Patria Vammas).

Use in SwedenEdit

The 120 Krh/40 was exported to Sweden between 1941 and 1944 and later produced under license in Sweden. A total of 219 was exported by Tampella.[1] Swedish military knew them as 12 cm granatkastare m/41 and has continued to serve as the standard heavy mortar of the Swedish Army.

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