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122nd Fighter Aviation Squadron
Country Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Yugoslavia
Branch Yugoslav Air Force
Service history
Active 1961 – 1964
Role Fighter
Part of 94th Fighter Aviation Regiment

The 122nd Fighter Aviation Squadron (Serbo-Croatian: 122. lovačka avijacijska eskadrila / 122. ловачка авијацијска ескадрила) was an aviation squadron of Yugoslav Air Force established in April 1961 as part of 94th Fighter Aviation Regiment at Skopski Petrovac military airport.

It was equipped with US-made North American F-86E Sabre jet fighter aircraft.

By the end of year 1964 the 83rd Fighter Aviation Regiment has been disbanded due the "Drvar 2" reorganization plan. The 122nd Fighter Aviation Squadron was also disbanded. Its personnel and equipment were attached to 123rd Fighter Aviation Squadron.[1]


Bases stationedEdit



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