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The 122nd SS-Standarte was a regimental command of the Allgemeine-SS that was formed in the city of Strasbourg during World War II. The Standarte was activated on November 12, 1940 and reached battalion strength by the end of the year. The command was a successor to the previously disbanded 121st SS-Standarte, also situated in Strasbourg.

By 1942, most of the General-SS members assigned to the Standarte had either joined the Waffen-SS or had been called up to serve in the regular Wehrmacht. After 1944, the Standarte effectively ceased to exist except on paper although the unit was listed as having a posted commander until the German surrender on May 8, 1945.

The single commander of the 122nd Standarte, throughout the unit's existence, was SS-Obersturmbannführer Ernst Greulich.


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