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13 Gemotorizeerde (Motorized) Brigade
Active 1990-present
Country Netherlands
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Size 3000 Soldiers
Garrison/HQ Oirschot

The 13 Gemotorizeerde (Motorized) Brigade is a motorized brigades of the Royal Netherlands Army. The brigade can be used for combat operations, peace keeping and ceremonial tasks.

History[edit | edit source]

The 13 motorized brigade came from the 3rd infantry brigade. The 3rd infantry brigade was part of the First Division '7 December' which was formed on 1 September 1946. In 1950 the brigade was transformed into a mechanized infantry brigade, the 13 mechanized brigade, which became part of the 4th Division and was stationed in North Germany. After the reforms of 1970 the brigade became again a part of the First Division. In the early 90's the brigade became a fully mechanized brigade. In 2013 the brigade lost its mechanized infantry fighting vehicles and was equipped with wheeled equipment.

Units[edit | edit source]

Garderegiment Fuseliers Prinses Irene

The 13 Motorized Brigade is made up by the following units:

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Dutch YPR-765 in Afghanistan

  • 97 Fennek armored reconnaissance vehicles

References[edit | edit source]

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