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13th Field Artillery Brigade
13th Field Artillery Brigade Badge

Country United States
Branch Flag of the United States Army (1775).gif United States Army
Service history
Active 1921—1941
Role Artillery
Size Brigade
The 13th Field Artillery Brigade was former brigade of the United States Army.[1]


The 13th Field Artillery Brigade was constituted in the artillery on 13 January 1921. On 13 May 1921 the brigade was activated at Camp Bragg, North Carolina. On 2 July 1923 the brigade was assigned to the IV Corps. While assigned to the corps the brigade "provided training assistance each summer at Fort Bragg to artillery elements of the 81st, 82nd, and 87th Infantry Divisions of the XIV Corps and the General Headquarters Heavy Artillery Regiments". On 1 November 1940 the brigade was relieved from the IV Corps and assigned to the I Corps where it remained until being disbanded on 7 December 1941. When the United States Armed Forces were mobilized the brigade was retitled as the Corps Artillery, 1st Corps.[1]

There is evidence the brigade continued history into the cold war and even in modern day, but not enough evidence to support it at this time.


Units of the brigade had included:[1][2]


Commanders of the brigade have included:[1]


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