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141st Air Control Squadron
141st Air Control Sq Puerto Rico ANG patch.png
141st Air Control Squadron emblem
Active 1982 - present
Country United States
Branch Puerto Rico Air National Guard
Garrison/HQ Rafael Hernandez Airport, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

The 141st Air Control Squadron (ACS) is a unit of the Puerto Rico Air National Guard. It is a mobile radar command, control and communications element of the United States Air Force Theater Air Control System located at Rafael Hernandez Airport formerly Ramey Air Force Base in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The unit can be tasked by the Control and Reporting Center (CRC) to perform the following tasks: Battle management, weapons, surveillance, identification, and data link management. It also, can be assigned to deploy and operate directly subordinate to Air Operation Center. These activities include: Establishing long and short haul communication, providing continuous surveillance, assisting in air rescue operations, providing aircraft control and advisory services, establishing and maintaining data links, gathering and forwarding intelligence products, providing classification of airborne objects, and providing threat warnings to forward, lateral, and subordinate users including Army air defense units. In addition, the 141st ACS has been directly tasked to support the DoD Counterdrug Operations in the Caribbean, Central, and South America Region. [1]

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