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141st Training Aviation Regiment
Country Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Yugoslavia
Branch Yugoslav Air Force
Service history
Active 1952 - 1953
Part of Active Aviation Officers School of Military Aviation Academy

The 141st Training Aviation Regiment (Serbo-Croatian: 141. školski puk / 150. школски пук) was an aviation regiment established in 1952 as part of the SFR Yugoslav Air Force. The regiments was stationed at Ilidža-Sarajevo airport until it was disbanded in 1953.


The 141st Training Aviation Regiment was formed on January 1, 1952, by order from December 17, 1951 at Ilidža-Sarajevo airport as part of Active Aviation Officers School of Military Aviation Academy. For its short existence it was equipped with domestic-made trainer aircraft and Soviet-made Yak-9U. It was disbanded on January 20, 1953 by order from December 20, 1952, and personal and equipment were sent to 104th Training Aviation Regiment.[1]


Commanding officersEdit

Date appointed Name
Branko Glumac
Edo Banfić



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