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146th Tsaritsyn Infantry Regiment Badge

Badge of the Regiment
Country Flag of Russia.svg Russian Empire
Branch Flag of Russia.svg Russia Army
Allegiance Monarch of Russia
Service history
Active Roots back to 1669, formed in 1863 - Disbanded in 1918
Role Infantry
Size Three battalions
Part of World War I - 37th Division
Patron St. Great Martyr George the Victorious

The 146th (Tsaritsyn) Infantry Regiment (146-y Pekhotnyy Tsaritsynskiy Polk) was an infantry regiment of the Russian Imperial Army.


Although the regiment's serve traces back to 1669 the actual regiment was formed on 6 April 1863. The regiment's history officially starts when the Dnieper Reserve Infantry Regiment was formed with two battalions aligned with the 46th Dnieper Infantry Regiment. Following the 1863 reforms the regiment was re-organized into three battalions and reformed as the Tsaritsyn Infantry Regiment. The next year the regiment was retitled as the 146th Tsaritsyn Infantry Regiment and moved into the regular service.[1]

The regiment's first major military engadement was during the Russo-Japanese War. The regiment's only banner was "1904-05 Russian-Japenese War". It is more than likely that the regiment would have gained the battle honour of "Great War 1914-18" if the Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War hadn't happened. But due to the revolution and civil war the regiment was diminished.[1]

World War IEdit

During the first world war the regiment consisted of four battalions. The regiment was under the 1st Brigade, 37th Infantry Division and stationed at Yamburg. During the war the regiment participated in the Battle of the Vistula River and later participated in the Romanian Campaign. After the February Revolution the regiment was disbanded.[2]



The march (with the regiment) church was established in 1864. This church accompanied the regiment to the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. The church is now located in the center of the city, in the area of ​​the regiment barracks. On the northeast side of the regimental premises there is a playpen, arranged in the 40s. In this arena in 1889, the church was set up by the 91st Dvinsky Infantry Regiment, but in 1892 taken by the regiment. With the arrival of the Tsaritsyn Infantry Regiment of the 146th Jaeger Regiment, the church was added to the same arena from the outside. It is separated from the arena by a large arch with light cast-iron columns and massive sliding wooden doors consisting of four shields. (Translated from Russian so not 100% Accurate)[1]


The regiment's church and museum are today located in the city of Yamburg.[1]


The regiment's icon was a white enamel cross, lower end with the number 1769.[lower-alpha 1] With an oxidized two-headed eagle laid on a cross, its chest is the coast of arms of the 46th Dnieper Infantry Regiment with Tsaritzyn from which the regiment gains their origins. Top was a gold cross on a red field, in the middle, a white river on the bottom with a silver moth in the background.[1]

The regiment banner was the banner of St. George with the inscriptions "Sevastopol 1854 and 1855". Also "1769-1869" with Alexander anniversary ribbon.[1]


Commanders of the regiment included:[1]

Other Notable MembersEdit


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