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The 149th Mixed Aviation Division was an aviation division of the Russian Air Force.

It traced its history from the 149th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division, which arrived in Poland in May 1955 from China. became the 149th Bomber Aviation Division in July 1982 with 4th Air Army at Szprotawa in Poland. HAd the 3, 42nd Guards, and 89th Bomber Aviation Regiments (Su-24), Renamed 149th Mixed Aviation Division 1992.[1] Served for several years with the 76th Air Army in the Leningrad Military District.

In 1998, according to Holm/Feskov et al 2013., the division comprised the 67th and 722nd (Smuravyevo) Bomber Aviation Regiments, 98th Guards Independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment (Monchegorsk).[2]

Possibly disbanded 1998.


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