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14 (Calgary) Service Battalion
14 Service Battalion Badge
Country Flag of Canada.svg Canada
Branch Lesser badge of the Canadian Army Primary Reserve
Service history
Active 1965-2010
Part of 3rd Canadian Division


Formed in 1965 when the Canadian Armed Forces amalgamated Combat Service Support units to form Service Battalions. The Battalion was initially formed with the following elements:

Transport Company: 150 Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps;

Maintenance Company: A Squadron, 9 Technical Regiment, Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers;

Supply Company: 6 Ordnance Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps;

Medical Section: 21 Medical Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps;

Military Police: 14 Provost Company, Canadian Provost Corps.

While initially titled Calgary Service Battalion, in 1975 it assumed the name of 14 (Calgary) Service Battalion. The Battalion would serve in this role until its amalgamation with 15 (Edmonton) Service Battalion and Area Support Unit Calgary to form 41 Service Battalion in 2010.

Commanding Officers

1965-1968: LCol K. Cashman, CD;

1968-1970: LCol L. Thompson, CD;

1970-1972: LCol C.A. Haddock, CD;

1972-1973: LCol T.W. MacDonald, CD;

1973-1976: LCol M.A. O'Sullivan, KStJ, CD;

1976-1980: LCol J.R. Davidson, CD;

1980-1982: LCol K.A. Munn, CD;

1982-1986: LCol J.R. Anderson, CD:

1986-1990: LCol A.P. Fahey, CD;

1990-1993: LCol H. Berard, CD;

1993-1996: LCol D.D. Stinson, CD;

1996-1998: LCol T. Stirling, CD;

1998-1999: Maj R.S. Sinclair;

1999-2001: LCol J.D. Gludo, CD;

2001-2003: LCol J.J Martin, CD;

2003-2005: LCol R.C. Boehli, CD;

2005-2008: LCol B. Doherty, CD;

2008-2010: LCol G. Haight, CD*.

*LCol G. Haight took command of the newly amalgamated 41 Service Battalion in 2010.

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