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14th Brigade (Japan)
JGSDF 14th Brigade
14th Brigade Distinctive Unit Insignia
Country Flag of Japan.svg Japan
Branch Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Service history
Active 27 March 2006 - present
Size Brigade
Part of Central Army
Commanders Maj. Gen. Takeshi Inoue

The 14th Brigade (第14旅団?) is one of six active brigades of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. The brigade is subordinated to the Central Army and is headquartered in Zentsūji, Kagawa. Its responsibility is the defense of Shikoku.

The brigade was formed on 27 March 2006 with units from the disbanded 2nd Combined Brigade.


  • 14th Brigade, in Zentsūji
    • 14th Brigade HQ, in Zentsūji
    • 14th Tank Company, in Nagi
    • 15th Infantry Regiment note 1, in Zentsūji
    • 50th Infantry Regiment, in Kōnan
    • 14th Artillery Battalion, in Matsuyama, with three batteries of FH-70 155mm towed howitzers
    • 14th Reconnaissance Company, in Zentsūji, with Type 87 armored reconnaissance vehicle
    • 14th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Company, in Matsuyama
    • 14th Combat Engineer Company, in Kōnan
    • 14th Signal Company, in Zentsūji
    • 14th Aviation Squadron, in Kōnan, flying UH-1J and OH-6D helicopters
    • 14th Logistic Support Battalion, in Zentsūji

note 1: Infantry Regiments have only battalion strength.

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