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15th Infantry Division
กองพลทหารราบที่ 15
Unit insignia
Unit insignia
Active April 1st 2007–present
Country Thailand
Branch Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand Army
Type Light infantry
Role Light infantry
Size Light infantry Division
Part of Fourth Army Area
Garrison/HQ Fort Ingkhayutthaborihan, Nong Chik, Pattani, Thailand

The 15th Infantry Divistion (Thai language: กองพลทหารราบที่ 15) (พล.ร.๑๕.) is an infantry division of the Royal Thai Army, it is currently a part of the Fourth Army Area. The unit is composed of the 151st Infantry Regiment, 152nd Infantry Regiment and 153rd Infantry Regiment and Service Support Regiment. The division engaged in the South Thailand insurgency.


Southern insurgency (2001–ongoing)Edit

The ongoing southern insurgency had begun in response to Prime Minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram's 1944 National Cultural Act, which replaced the use of Malaya in the region's schools with the Thai language and also abolished the local Islamic courts in the three ethnic Malay and Muslim majority border provinces of Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat.[1] However, it had always been on a comparatively small scale. The insurgency intensified in 2001, during the government of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Terrorist attacks were now extended to the ethnic Thai minority in the provinces.[2] The Royal Thai Armed Forces also went beyond their orders and retaliated with strong armed tactics that only encouraged more violence.[3] By the end of 2012 the conflict had claimed 3,380 lives, including 2,316 civilians, 372 soldiers, 278 police, 250 suspected insurgents, 157 education officials, and seven Buddhist monks. Many of the dead were Muslims themselves, but they had been targeted because of their presumed support of the Thai government.[4]


15th Infantry Division Headquarters.Edit

  • 15th Infantry Division.
    • 151st Infantry Regiment.
      • 1st Infantry Battalion.
      • 2nd Infantry Battalion.
      • 3rd Infantry Battalion.
    • 152nd Infantry Regiment.
      • 1st Infantry Battalion.
      • 2nd Infantry Battalion.
      • 3rd Infantry Battalion.
    • 153rd Infantry Regiment.
      • 1st Infantry Battalion.
      • 2nd Infantry Battalion.
      • 3rd Infantry Battalion.
    • Service Support Regiment.
      • Transportation Battalion.
      • Logistic Battalion.
      • Combat Engineer Battalion.
      • Medical Battalion.
    • 15th Combat Engineer Battalion.
    • 31st Cavalry Squadron.
    • 15th Signal Corp Battalion.

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