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16 Reception Depot
SADF era 16 Reception Depot emblem.jpg
16 Reception Depot emblem
Country Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa
  • Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg Republic of South Africa
  • Flag of South Africa.svg Republic of South Africa
Type Mobilisation Depot
Part of South African Personnel Service Corps

16 Reception Depot was an administrative unit of the Personnel Service Corps of the South African Army.



16 Reception Depot was activated as the reception depot to service the then Western Cape Command.[1]

SADF era and the Bush WarEdit

The unit was used to mobilize white troops in the greater Western Cape area. This involved:

  • the registering of young white males at schools
  • the issuing of call-up papers
  • confirmation of the recruits arrival
  • the transport of these recruits to various allotted training units

SANDF eraEdit

By the early 2000s, Commands were no longer responsible for individual recruitment, making Reception Depots essentially redundant.[2]


SADF era 16 Reception Depot insignia


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