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Flag of the Battalion/Regiment
Active 1894—1917

 Russian Empire

 Russian Republic
Allegiance Emperor of Russia, later President of the Russian Republic
Branch  Russia Army
Role Engineers
Size Battalion

The 18th Sapper Battalion (18-й Саперный батальон) was an engineer battalion of the Engineer Corps within the Imperial Russian Army. The battalion participated in World War I and didn't continue after the October Revolution. The regiment was one of the few regiments that actually was reformed under the Russian Republic, but later disbanded following the October Revolution.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1894 the 18th Sapper Battalion was formed but officially compiled on 31 October 1894. The battalion the consisted of the following:

Upon formation, the battalion was assigned to the 1st Sapper Brigade and stationed in St Petersburg. By 1905 the battalion formed a 4th company and later added. In 1910, when the Sapper Brigades were disestablished the battalion joined the 18th Army Corps and stayed in St Petersburg.

The battalion was assigned to the following corps during World War I: 9th Army, 4th Army, 9th Army (again), in 1916 the 4th company was redesignated as a searchlight section. 7th Army, 9th Army, 8th Army. By 1917 the battalion was renamed as the 18th Engineer Regiment and reformed by the Russian Republic and moved to the Carpathians directly assigned to the Southwestern Front, later the corps joined the 1st Army. Finally in September 1917 the battalion joined the 8th Army.  Following the October Revolution, the regiment was disbanded and never reformed.

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