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21st Public Security Division (1951-55)
190th Infantry Division (1955–61)
Active 1951.1 - 1961.1
Country People's Republic of China
Branch People's Liberation Army
Type Division
Role Infantry
Part of 64th Corps
Garrison/HQ Pulandian, Liaoning province

The 21st Public Security Division(Chinese: 公安第21师) was created in January 1951 from 3 security regiments of Shandong Military District and a regiment from Shangqiu Military Sub-district. The division was composed of three regiments, with a total of 7221 personnel:

  • 61st Public Security Regiment;
  • 62nd Public Security Regiment;
  • 63rd Public Security Regiment.

The division was a part of Railway Public Security Forces, guarding the railway lines and complexes in northern China area.[1]

In January 1955 the division moved to Pulandian, Liaoning. In March the division was attached to 64th Corps and renamed as 190th Infantry Division(Chinese: 步兵第190师) following the 1st formation of 190th Infantry Division's re-designation. The division was then composed of:

  • 568th Infantry Regiment (former 61st Public Security);
  • 569th Infantry Regiment (former 62nd Public Security);
  • 570th Infantry Regiment (former 63rd Public Security);
  • 570th Artillery Regiment.[2]

In 1960 the division was disbanded following 1st Mechanized Division's re-attachment to the Army Corps.

  • The divisional HQ and its 568th Infantry Regiment were re-organized as Air Force Engineering Academy;
  • Its 569th Infantry Regiment was converted to 129th Engineer Construction Regiment
  • 570th Infantry Regiment was transferred to Jilin Provincial Military District, later expanded to 213th Army Division;
  • 570th Artillery Regiment was transferred to Lvda Security District's control.

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