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1911 Tripoli massacre were a series of massacres by the Italian army of Ottoman troops and Libyan civilians of the Tripoli region.[1]


Italy invaded Ottoman Libya in 1911 to annex it as an Italian colony. The Ottomans and native Libyans resisted the Italian invasion and the result was the Turco-Italian War. During the war Italian troops many times used indiscriminate violence to subdue the native civilians.

Mechiya oasis massacreEdit

October 23, 1911 Italian troops were attacked by a Turco-Arab force while marching through the Mechiya oasis and were heavily defeated[citation needed] . They responded by massacring the population of the Mechiya oasis, in three days children, women were killed systematically through the houses, farms and gardens. Several hundred women and children were burned in a mosque. The Italians took measures to prevent news of the massacre reaching the outside world but it became internationally known.[1]


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