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1940's World War II Era Ball
Venue Boulder Airport
Location Boulder, Colorado

1940's World War II Era Ball is an annual historical reenactment event in Boulder, Colorado.[1][2][3] The event is a ball, which features swing music from the 1940s and impersonators of musicians and entertainers such as Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and the Andrews Sisters.[4][5] The ball is held in a hanger at the Boulder Airport and features World War II-era airplanes including C-45 Expeditors and B-25 Mitchells.[1][4][6] The ball also holds an annual 1940s White Christmas Ball.[7] Net proceeds from the event are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project and The Spirit of Flight Center Colorado.[8]

The 1940s World War II Era Ball was first held in 2008.[9] The ball was founded by Khyentse James, who previously founded the Decibelle Music and Culture Festival.[1][10] The ball was created in honor of James' grandparents, who were radio performers and met while they were working at a radio station together in the 1940s.[7][11][12]


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