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1985 Valvettiturai massacre
Sri Lanka relief location map
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Location Valvettiturai, Sri Lanka
Coordinates 9°49′N 80°10′E / 9.817°N 80.167°E / 9.817; 80.167Coordinates: 9°49′N 80°10′E / 9.817°N 80.167°E / 9.817; 80.167
Date 12 May 1985
Target Civilians
Deaths 70
Perpetrators Sri Lankan Army

The 1985 Valvettiturai massacre happened on May 12, 1985 when 70 minority Sri Lankan Tamil civilians from the town of Valvettiturai (abbreviated as VVT), Sri Lanka were rounded up. They were asked to go inside the town library and then the library was allegedly blown up by the Sri Lankan Army killing all of them.[1][2][3]

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