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Battle of Kilinochchi
Operation Unceasing Waves II
Part of the Sri Lankan civil war
DateSeptember 27, 1998 - September 29, 1998
LocationKilinochchi, Sri Lanka
Result Tamil Tiger victory
LTTE capture Kilinochchi
SLA capture Mankulam
Sri Lanka Military of Sri Lanka Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
Commanders and leaders
Sri Lanka Chandrika Kumaratunga Velupillai Prabhakaran
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
443 killed (SLA claims)[1] 520 killed (SLA claims)[1]

The Battle of Kilinochchi (codenamed Operation Unceasing Waves II by the Tamil Tigers) was a battle that occurred in September 1998 for the control of the city of Kilinochchi in Sri Lanka (geographical coordinates 9°23′00″N 80°24′00″E / 9.383333°N 80.4°E / 9.383333; 80.4). The battle was fought between the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The battle[edit | edit source]

On September 27, 1998, the LTTE launched operation Unceasing Waves II, an offensive against the town of Kilinochchi. They assaulted the Sri Lankan Army's Kilinochchi complex, ten miles south of the Elephant Pass base. The following day, the Tigers captured a distance of five miles on Jaffna-Vavuniya road. Elephant Pass and Paranthan military bases, further north, were also attacked to block reinforcements. Merciless fighting continued until September 29, 1998 when Kilinochchi finally fell to the Tigers. The Sri Lankan Army claimed that up to 520 Tigers and 443 SLA soldiers were killed in the close-quarters and hand-to-hand fighting over two days. On the same day that Kilinochchi fell to the Tigers the city of Mankulam, which was rebel-held, fell to the SLA. So it was a win and a loss for the army the same day.[1]

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