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1st Airmobile Brigade
Luftbewegliche Brigade 1
[[File:LBwglBrig 1|240x240px|frameless}}|Formation sign|alt=]]
Formation sign
Active 3 April 1997
Country Flag of Germany Germany
Allegiance Bundeswehr
Branch Bundeswehr Logo Heer with lettering German Army
Type Stabilisation and intervention forces
Part of DLO Airmobile Operations Division
Headquarters location Fritzlar
Motto(s) Gewagt Gewonnen ("Dared, won")
Commander Colonel Michael Mittelberg

The 1st Airmobile Brigade (German language: Luftbewegliche Brigade 1) is a brigade in the German Army with its headquarters at the Fritzlar Air Base in North Hesse, which is part of the Airmobile Operations Division (Germany). The elements of the Brigade are split between the federal states of Lower Saxony, Hesse and Bavaria. Parts of the Brigade are classed as intervention forces.


The following commanders have led the Brigade:

Rank Name Takeover date Handover date
Oberst Dieter Budde 3 April 1997 April 1999
Oberst/Brigadegeneral Reinhard Kammerer April 1999 September 2002
Oberst Werner Freers September 2002 16 December 2002
Oberst/Brigadegeneral Reinhard Wolski 17 December 2002 4 August 2006
Oberst/Brigadegeneral Volker Halbauer 4. August 2006 5 December 2008
Oberst/Brigadegeneral Jürgen Setzer 5 December 2008 6 May 2011
Oberst Alfons Mais 6 May 2011 5 April 2013
Oberst Michael Mittelberg 5 April 2013 ---

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Coordinates: 51°07′13″N 9°17′17″E / 51.120172°N 9.287932°E / 51.120172; 9.287932

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