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1 YORKS Banner.jpg
Banner of the Battalion
Active 2006—Present
Country Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom

Flag of the British Army.svg British Army

Role Strike Mechanized Infantry
Size Battalion
Part of 2nd Strike Brigade
Nickname(s) 1 YORKS
Engagements Operation Telic
Operation Herrick
Website 1 YORKS
The 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment is an Armoured infantry battalion of the British Army. The battalion was formed as a result of the major Delivering Security in a Changing World reforms. The battalion today is paired with the 4th Battalion and assigned to the Reaction Force.


In 2006, the 1st Battalion The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire was renamed and joined the new Yorkshire Regiment. They became known as the 1st (Prince of Wales's Own) Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment. Upon formation, the battalion was based at Somme Barracks (Catterick Garrison) and assigned to the 19th Light Brigade as a light infantry battalion. From Nov 06 - May 07, the battalion deployed to Iraq in their brigade in Operation Telic 9. By 2008, the battalion moved to Oxford Barracks in Münster and was reroled as a light infantry battalion within the 20th Armoured Brigade. From Dec 09 - Apr 09, the battalion deployed to Iraq on Operation Telic 13. The battalion then again deployed, this time to Afghanistan. From Oct 11 - Apr 12, the battalion deployed as part of Operation Herrick 15.

In July 2013, following the Army 2020 reforms, the battalion was converted to Armoured infantry and merged with the 3rd battalion. Upon merging, the battalion was based at Battlesbury Barracks as part of the Land Warfare Centre Battlegroup. By 2020, the battalion will join the 2nd Strike Brigade as a strike mechanized infantry. Today, the battalion's "Simple" structure is as follows:

  • Battalion Headquarters
  • Headquarters Company
  • Alma Company
  • Burma Company
  • Corunna Company
  • Support Company

As part of these refines, by 2020 the battalion will move back to Yorkshire, in Catterick Garrison. It can be possible assumed they will be moving to Somme Barracks. The reason for this belief is because they were based there originally. After moving to their new barracks, the battalion will be equipped with their main vehicle the Boxer AFV.


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