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1st Danish Artillery Battalion
1. Danske Artilleriafdeling
Active 28 February 2014 (1684)
Country Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark
Branch Flag of Denmark (state).svg Royal Danish Army
Size 500
Part of Army Combat and Fire Support Center
Garrison/HQ Oksbøl
Nickname(s) 1DAA
Regimental belt Dan Artillery Reg stable belt.png
Mascot(s) Saint Barbara[1]
Engagements Battle of Nybøl (28 May 1848)
Battle of Fredericia (6 July 1849)
Battle of Isted (25 July 1850)
Battle of Mysunde (12 September 1850)
Battle of Mysunde 2 February 1864
Battle of Dybbøl (18 April 1864)[1]
Lieutenant Colonel Poul-Erik Andersen
Ceremonial chief HM The Queen of Denmark
Colonel of
the Regiment
Ole Bering

The 1st Danish Artillery Battalion (Danish language: 1. Danske Artilleriafdeling, 1DAA ) is a part of Army Combat and Fire Support Center and was created after under the Danish Defence Agreement 2013-2017, after the Danish Artillery Regiment was disbanded. It is the only remaining military unit in the Danish Army that is involved with artillery, and is therefore the bearer of the traditions of the form regiment and can trace its roots back to 1684.[2]

The battalion is divided into a number of batteries with around 500 personnel in total.[3]

1 DAA provides fielding and training of the army's ability to plan, deploy, manage and operate fire-support such as howitzer and heavy mortars at different tactical levels.[4]

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