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2/2nd Field Regiment
AWM 079925 2-2nd Field Regt Dagua New Guinea March 1945.JPG
Guns from the 2/2nd firing around Dagua, New Guinea, March 1945
Active 1939–46
Country  Australia
Branch Army
Type Artillery
Size ~ 600–700 personnel all ranks
Part of 6th Division

World War II

The 2/2nd Field Regiment was an Australian Army field artillery regiment that was raised for service during the Second World War. Formed on 13 October 1939 in Victoria it was assigned to the 6th Division.[1] In 1940, it deployed to North Africa, and later saw action in Greece and Crete in 1941.[2] In early 1942, the regiment garrisoned Ceylon amidst concerns about a possible Japanese invasion.[3][4] They returned to Australia in the middle of the year, but the regiment did not rejoin the 6th Division until March 1944 as it was detached for various assignments.[5] It did not see action again until late in the war when it was committed to the Aitape–Wewak campaign in 1944–45.[2] Following the end of the war, the regiment returned to Australia and was disbanded on 11 January 1946.

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Commanding officers[edit | edit source]

The following officers served as commanding officer of the 2/2nd Field Regiment:

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Further reading[edit | edit source]

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