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Type Medium tank
Place of origin Poland
Weight 22 tonnes KSUS version
23 tonnes BBTBr.Panc.
25 tonnes PZInż version
Length 7.3 m
Width 2.6 m
Height 2.8 m
Crew 5 or 6

Armor 35 mm-80 mm
1 × 70mm KSUS version
1 × Bofors 75mm BBTBr.Panc. version
1 × 75 mm wz. 1922/1924 PZInż version
3 × 7.92 mm Ckm wz.30 KSUS and BBTBr.Panc. version
1 × 7.92 mm Ckm wz.30 PZInż version
Engine gasoline engine
2 × 300Hp KSUS version
1 x 500 hp BBTBr.Panc. version
1 x 400Hp PZInż. version
Power/weight 27 hp/tonne KSUS version
22 hp/tonne BBTBr.Panc. version
16 hp/tonne PZInż. version
Suspension Quarter-elliptical leaf spring suspension
Speed 45 km/h KSUS version
40 km/h PZInż. version

The 20/25TP (dwudziestotonowy polski/dwudziestopięciotonowy polski - 20-tonne Polish/25-tonne Polish) was a Polish medium tank concept that was never built. There were three projects designed by KSUS and BBTBr.Panc. and PZInż which even managed to build a wooden model of it. The name 20/25TP is not official. It was created by Janusz Magunski analogously to nomenclature used for other Polish tanks of that period. According to different classification it could be medium tank or heavy tank.

Design[edit | edit source]

KSUS project was in two variants, assuming the usage of 75mm anti-aircraft gun and 35 mm armor. There were also two turrets at the front of the vehicle equipped with heavy machine guns and one heavy machine gun in the main turret. Weight of the tank was 22 tonnes. The drive consisted of two petrol engines of 300 hp each. The ability to cross the ditches reached 2.5 meters, wading depth reached up to 1.2 m. The tank would have a length of 7.3 m, width 2.6 m, height 2.8 m Assumed speed of travel on the road was 45 km/h. The crew was six people.

Tank by BBTBr.Panc. had a 75mm Bofors gun and coupled with it 40mm Bofors L/60 cannon, three heavy machine guns, 50 mm armor, the engine power of 500 hp, and the weight of 23 tons. However, this project had a weak engine with only 400 hp. Its top speed was 40 km / h with the crew of five people. As the only one turret.

PZInż project was equipped with a 75mm anti-aircraft gun wz.22/24, one heavy machine gun and 80 mm armor. It was also the heaviest - the weight would be 25 tons.

Operators[edit | edit source]

  •  Poland - planned.

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Bibliography[edit | edit source]

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