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25th Division
Active 1940 - 1945
Country Empire of Japan
Branch Imperial Japanese Army
Type Infantry
Garrison/HQ Mudanjiang, Manchukuo
Nickname(s) Country Division
Engagements Second Sino-Japanese War

The 25th Division (第25師団 Dai-nijugo Shidan?) was an infantry division in the Imperial Japanese Army. Its call-sign was the Country Division (国兵団 Kunihei-dan?).


The 25th Division was formed in Tonei (東寧), present day Mudanjiang, Manchukuo on 10 July 1940, out of two pre-existing infantry regiments and a number of miscellaneous units and placed under the 5th Army group of the Kwantung Army as part of the final defenses of Manchukuo against the Soviet army. In March 1945, it was withdrawn to Japan, and assigned to Miyazaki prefecture as part of the final defense of the Japanese home islands against the projected American invasion (Operation Downfall).


The Order of Battle of the 25th Division included:

IJA 25th Division

  • 25th Infantry Brigade
    • 14th Infantry Regiment (Kokura)
    • 40th Infantry Regiment (Tottori)
    • 70th Infantry Regiment (Shinoyama)
  • 75th Cavalry Regiment (Sakai)
  • 15th Mountain Artillery Regiment
  • 25th Construction Regiment
  • 25th Transport Regiment

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