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29th Engineer Brigade
Royal Engineers badge.png
Capbadge of the Corps of Royal Engineers
Active 1967—1992
Country Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom

Flag of the British Army.svg British Army

  • Corps of Royal Engineers
Type Engineers
Role Military Engineering
Size Brigade
Part of 8 Engineer Brigade
Garrison/HQ First: Glasgow
Website 29 EOD & Search Gp

The 29th (Volunteers) Engineer Brigade was a volunteer brigade of the British Territorial Army. Its original headquarters was located in Glasgow and it's final headquarters were at Aldershot.


The brigade had its origins in 29 Engineer Group which was formed in 1961.[1] It became 29th Engineer Brigade in 1967.[1] By 1972 the headquarters was located at Newcastle upon Tyne.[2] After Options for Change the brigade was disbanded. In 1997 the brigade was reformed to control the reserve units based in Southern England. It was later disbanded in 2002 and reformed in 2006 known as 29 (Corps Support) Engineer Brigade, with its headquarters at Aldershot.[3]


The 29th Engineer Brigade had a very strange structure, in the sence that (in wartime) would include other countries' engineer units. The following is the structure when it was reformed as a Corps support engineer brigade in 1997:[4]

During the entire duration of the brigades existence (including the units listed above) it also commanded the following regiments at some time: 71st (Scottish) Engineer Regiment, 72nd (Tyne) Engineer Regiment, and 73rd Engineer Regiment.[4]

During wartime the brigade would have commanded: 101st (Netherlands) Engineer Battalion, 5th (Polish) Engineer Regiment (2x Battalions), 6th (Italian) Engineer Regiment, and A (Turkish) Engineer Company.


Commanders of the brigade have included:[8]


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