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II. Fliegerkorps
German 2nd Air Corps
Kommandierender General eines Fliegerkorps.svg
Flag of a commanding general of a Fliegerkorps
Active 11 October 1939 – April 1945
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Air Force
Bruno Loerzer

II. Fliegerkorps[Notes 1] (2nd Air Corps) was formed 11 October 1939 in Frankfurt am Main from the 2. Flieger-Division. The Corps was relocated to the Mediterranean theatre of operations on 15 November 1941. The Corps was merged with the Feldluftgau XXX on 29 August 1944 and renamed Kommandierender General der Deutschen Luftwaffe Nordbalkan (commanding general of the German Luftwaffe northern Balkans). In November 1944 the corps was again renamed II. Fliegerkorps and redesignated Luftwaffenkommando Nordost on 2 April 1945.

Commanding officers[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. For more details see Luftwaffe Organization
  2. Referred to as Kommandierender General der Deutschen Luftwaffe Nordbalkan, 29 August 1944 – November 1944

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