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2nd (King's) Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment
Country Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Branch Flag of the British Army.svg British Army
Service history
Active 2007—Present
Role Specialised Infantry
Size Small battalion
Part of Queen's Division

The 2nd (King's) Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (2 LANCS) is a specialised infantry battalion of the British Army. The battalion is the sucessor of the 1st Battalion, The King's Regiment.


The 2nd Battalion was formed in 2006 when the 1st Battalion, The King's Regiment was redesignated as the 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment. Upon formation the battalion was stationed at Bourlon Barracks in Catterick as an armoured infantry battalion assigned to the 19th Mecahnised Brigade. The next year, the 3rd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment was disbanded and members of the battalion joined the 1st and 2nd Battalions. In November 2006—June 2007, the battalion deployed to Basra Iraq where they returned the next June. In 2008 the battalion moved to Cyprus and joined the British Forces Cyprus. In 2015 as part of Army 2020 the battalion moved back to England moving to Weeton Barracks near Blackpool. It joined the 42nd Infantry Brigade and Headquarters North West, later renamed to Headquarters North West. In 2018, the battalion joined the Specialised Infantry Group and moved to Aldershot.


After the Army 2020 Refines the battalion now consists of the following:

  • Battalion Headquarters in Aldershot
  • Headquarters (Arroyo) Company
    • Company Headquarters
    • Signals Platoon
    • 1 LANCS Corps of Drums - Assault Pioneers
    • Motor Transport Platoon
    • Quartermasters Department (Main)
    • Quartermasters Department (Technical)
    • Medical Detachment
    • Provost Guard Detachment
  • A (Arnhem) Company
    • Company Headquarters
    • 1 Platoon
    • 2 Platoon
    • 3 Platoon
  • B (Blenheim) Company
    • Company Headquarters
    • 4 Platoon
    • 5 Platoon
    • 6 Platoon
  • C (Chindit) Company
    • 7 Platoon
    • 8 Platoon
    • 9 Platoon
  • Support (Dettingen) Company
    • Company Headquarters
    • Reconnaissance Platoon
    • Anti-Tank Platoon
    • Mortars Platoon
    • Sniper Platoon
    • Heavy Machine-Gun Platoon




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